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Empire is bringing healthcare into the home

Tomorrow Health and Empire have teamed up to get you the supplies you need at home, with free home delivery and a streamlined insurance experience

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Empire has teamed up with us to offer you the best rates, and the most convenient experience possible.

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    Free 2-Day Shipping
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    Connect your insurance and get the best prices
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How It Works

Empire has teamed up with Tomorrow Health to offer you the medical equipment and supplies you need at the best rates, delivered to your home.

Easy remote ordering

Empire has partnered with us to make ordering medical equipment and supplies easy and affordable.

Fast shipping to home

We’ll handle any insurance reimbursement, and deliver the supplies right to your home in 2 days.

Robust education & support

Our team of Care Advocates is only a phone call away if you ever need help.

We are ACHC-accredited and contracted with Medicare Part B and commercial health insurers

Trusted and loved by our clients

Testimonial photo
Knoxville (TN) / 55 years old
"I was always intimidated to try CPAP for my sleep apnea. Oh my goodness what a difference it’s made, I have energy during the day again! I’m so grateful I found Tomorrow Health and someone who helped guide me through the process of getting the right machine and mask."
Testimonial photo
Brooklyn (NY) / 68 years old
“I love my rollator and I love Tomorrow Health for helping me get it. I can once again walk to my doctor’s appointments and get all around the city. Three other senior citizens stopped me the other day on the bus to ask me where I got my premium rollator. Since finding Tomorrow Health, things have been wonderful.”
Testimonial photo
Brooklyn (NY) / 68 years old
“I was unhappy with the catheters I was using for years. They were uncomfortable and I kept getting UTIs. Tomorrow Health’s Member Advocates helped me find a catheter that’s better for my needs. It’s changed everything.”
Testimonial photo
Canton (OH) / 48 years old
"My new Dreamstation is working perfectly. Already getting 6+ hours of sleep every night (major improvement for me) and the Tomorrow Health team’s service has been extraordinary. The regular check-ins make a big difference."
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